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Voicebooking (startup/scale-up)





External funded


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IT manager

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Web technology stack


Audio services

Business to Business (B2B)


  • At the end of 2019 we came into contact with Voicebooking. At that time they had delegated the coordination and management of the software developments to their own employees.
  • That went well in itself, but it was so busy that they found it difficult to free up enough time for it and because this had arisen over time in addition to their substantive work, the right qualifications were missing.
  • This was simply the result of the enormous growth of the company. In fact, everything was missing: the roadmap, time to make it specific, structure and a realistic and a prioritized development agenda.
  • This caused expectations among internal users and customers that did not materialize. Sometimes briefings were not complete and the realized software did not meet the expectations that had not been worked out properly in the first place, in other words a vicious circle.

Voicebooking in a nutshell

  • There are many online voice-over agencies. Yet very few are actually online. Where you can easily and quickly arrange a voice-over. When we started in 2011, such a voice-over agency did not yet exist.
  • We help you to cast and book a voice-over online. We believe it is important to do business honestly. No silly frills, but fixed rates for every online voice-over. That provides an additional advantage; there is no other voice-over agency that delivers so quickly.
  • Our goal? Turning voice-over work into a fast-moving product.

Our collaboration with Voicebooking

  • We have made a proposal to take over all coordination and management activities.
  • First of all, we have structured the way of working for discovery, ¬†prioritizing, refinement and development sprints.
  • In addition, we have implemented a routine and set up a Scrum process for working in sprints ¬†in collaboration with the three external suppliers.
  • Along with these improvements, we started training internal employees to take ownership of the platform.

The results for Voicebooking

  • A great result is that a project that had been on the table for years could be carried out during the period of our involvement, which has led to greater efficiency and lower costs.
  • This project was related to architectural changes and integration API’s with several systems and suppliers.
  • The collaboration with the suppliers has improved and it was also possible to let go of one of the supplier in good consultation.
  • But more importantly, the company can now respond more quickly to changes due to the improved organizational structure and a simple technical set-up. Something that benefits every startup.
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